Aug 10

Planning Permission Conditions

In the euphoria of finally gaining planning permison approval for your extension or self-build project, don’t ignore the small print.

So, you have finally got planning permission for your new home or extension.  In the euphoria of the approval notice take a step back, however.  The second part of your approval notice will contain a series of conditions – the small print of the building world. Essentially they are the “only ifs” that you have to adhere to inorder for your planning permission to be valid.

All planning permissions are ranted with conditions attached and its easy in the euphoria of the of the big headline to ignore the detail – but do so at your peril.  When you are buying a building plot with planning permission already in place, it is vital to read and understand these conditions – and make sure that they are capable of being satisfied or discharged by you, within your remit.

Failure to do this is bad news – if you don’t address alll the planning conditions it can invalidate the consent and therefore any work that may have been carried out relevant to that consent.

Planning conditions coves a whole range of  works and come in different shapes and sizes.

There is further information about planning permission approval and conditions in other blog posts on this site covering materials, time conditions, parking and driveways, trees, drainage, permitted development rights, appealing against a condition and so on.

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