Home insurance when moving

Moving home? Are you sure you have the right insurance?

We all want to be protected from crime, flooding, burst pipes, falling trees etc. but what about if there is some damage done during your house move? The following is some basic information about the insurance issues that home movers often ask.

If I buy my property and take out insurance am I covered if a pipe leaks before I have even moved in?

Yes. As long as your insurance cover has started and you have not been out of the property for more than 30 days since buying it you will be covered.

What happens if i am moving my sofa and I put it straight through the glass in the patio door?

You are covered for damage to the glass in this situation but hopefully this will not happen.

What happens if my removals company break my possessions when moving house?

As long as you are using a professional removals company this will be covered when you add Accidental Damage cover to your insurance policy – house contents insurance or combine house and building insurance.

Am I covered if I’m unloading rthe van and I put something on my front lawn but somebody steels it whilst I am in the house?

Yes as long as your cover has started you will be covered for this but hopefully this will not be something you will need to be concerned about.

Will the buyer of my house be covered for damage to the building whilst I am selling it to them?

Yes, up to the date fo completion and assuming the house is not already covered by another insurance policy.