Jul 25

How to choose a builder

Finding the Right Builder for Your Project…….

Adding an  extension, or renovating a property can be a good way of increasing its value before putting it up for sale and finding a good builder is often the scariest part of a building project – follow these rules on how to get the right one (and keep them).

Use your designer / architect

many local designers / architects will have experience of dozens of projects similar to your, in your area. They are one of the few early contacts who will have experience of the local building scene and are worth tapping up for names.

Check out boards

One of the best ways to find good builders currently active near you is to find local building work that is going on and check out the boards that remain the builder’s mosr runimentary and most effective form of advertisement. Speak to the clients about their builders.

Talk to building inspectors

Local authority building inspectors are a much under-utilised resource for helping local people taking on building projects.  Although some inspectors are unwilling to do anything off the record, the majority now are progressive enough to help out self-builders and renovators looking for builders by giving hints,  nods and winks as to local builders they have known well for many years.  These are not recommendations as much as informal guidance.

Trade associations

membership of the Federation of Master Builders or any other trade body is far from a guarantee of a trouble – free builder experience. It is, however, a better source of names than simply looking through Yellow Pages or searching for a builder online.

Get recommendations

Neighbours,  friends and family are a great source of names for reliable builders in your local area. Nothing beats the recommendation of sombody you know,  or,  failing that,  somebody you don’t know – but has had work done that you klike the look of.

Other tradesmen

Tap into the local tradesman community and you will quickly be able to find out the main names who command local respect.  Most tradesmen get used to seeing the same familiar names around sites they are working on and often have preferences for who they like to work with – and who they see as a good source of work. If you can engage with one of them, you can open up into the whole network of local reliable names.

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