Choosing an estate agent or realtor to sell your home

Professsional services that you may need to sell your property

As part of the services offered an estate agent may offer to introduce you to other professionals you will need in the sale such as a conveyancer, surveyor or financial advisor. Whilst such recommensations are generally made in good faith and are based on established relationships with professionals that they know will provide a service that compliments the estate agents own reputation, you should be aware that agents often receive a commission for such an introduction.

Remember that you are free to choose your own professional advisors, based on personal knowledge or recommendations, and an estate agent should not insist on the use of their “recommended” connections with other professionals as a condition of agreeing to sell your property.

Estate agent checklist

  • Is the agent best suited to handle the the type of property you have for sale as demonstrated by the quality of houses they have on their books and their advertising style?
  • Is this a company with whom you are happy to work and one you can trust to work in your exclusive interest?
  • Do they have staff in their office responsible for handling the sale of your home / property and for handling prospective enquiries who are familiar with the area and who will have seen your home? In particular, the person who may carry out accompanied viewing of prospective buyers must meet these criteria and be the sort of person best able to represent your interests “at the point of sale”
  • Do they have the information and advice to hand to answer the sort of questions that you might yourself ask, if you were a prospective buyer?
  • Do they provide in advance, terms of engagement addeptible to you for the sale of your property?
  • Are they regulated by a recongnised professional body?

Estate Agent or Realtor?

There really is not any difference between and the term “estate agent” and the word “realtor”. Both terms are used for a professional who facilitates the sale or purchase of a property. “Estate agent” is the term used in the UK whilst in North America they prefer to use the word “realtor” coming from the term “real estate” meaning property for sale.