Nov 21

Ensuring a hassle free house move

It is said that moving home is up there with death and divorce in terms of the stresses that life can throw at you But if you're organised and plan ahead the stress can be minimised and your move will hopefully be pretty straightforward . SO WHAT DO YOU NEED... read more →
Nov 14
Aug 10

Planning Permission Conditions

In the euphoria of finally gaining planning permison approval for your extension or self-build project, don't ignore the small print. So, you have finally got planning permission for your new home or extension.  In the euphoria of the approval notice take a step back, however.  The second part of your... read more →
Aug 04

Ideas for adding the “wow factor” to your home

A guide to the design features that make a new home extra special. Designing a house is a complicated business.  There are an almost incalculable number of decisions and variables that shape the design process, and therefore, your home.  Well designed unique homes are desirable, lovely to live in and... read more →
Jul 25

How to choose a builder

Finding the Right Builder for Your Project....... Adding an  extension, or renovating a property can be a good way of increasing its value before putting it up for sale and finding a good builder is often the scariest part of a building project - follow these rules on how to... read more →