Avoid House Moving Hassles

How to avoid house moving hassles

We answer some of your questions about moving home

The previous owners had dogs and although the carpets look clean enough, I am not sure whether they may be fleas in them.
If you are thinking of keeping the carpets its worth getting a carpet cleaning firm to run through the whole house on moving in day or before if possible. If you suspect some unwanted house guests may have been left behind, try to find a company that also offers pest control.

We inherited the appliances with the fitted kitchen, but the dishwasher and washing machine pong a bit. How do iI freshen them up?

Give each appliance an empty run: put a pack of specially formulated dishwasher cleaner inn the cutlery basket and run according to the instructions on the pack. Run your washing machine on a hot wash without detergents or clothes. Give all the nooks and crannies a good clean too.

We have only got one set of keys to the new house. Is this normal?

Although its a bit costly and inconvenient, its advisable to get all the locks changed on your new home before its left unattended. You do not know who the previous owner had given a set of keys to ocer time.

When should I let my cat go out of the house? I’m worried she won’t have her bearings and get lost.

Whilst it will take your cat a while to acclimatise to the inside of your new home, it will take even longer for her to get her bearings outdoors and find her way back. Ideally you should keep her in for at least 2 weeks. keep her shut in a familiar room by day and let her wander the house at night time. When you do let her for the fiurst time send her out hungry so she’s more liekly to come back for food when she hears it being served. Make sure she is wearing a collar with an identification tab attached.